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Timelessness of Cathedral Valley

A light wind buffets as I walk toward the edge of the cliff and the scents of pinyon and juniper come together in the dry, clear desert air of Utah’s Capitol Reef National Park. Below spreads a large valley filled with seemingly impossible natural formations: huge formations of hard sandstone shaped by millennia of unimaginable […]

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Dezert magazine October 2011

Dezert magazine October 2011 This is the biggest issue to date, with over 70 pages to fill your adventurous needs!!! We start with a trip to Escalante Utah to find out just how much fun canyoneering can be. Kathy Weiser-Alexander will strike fear in your heart with her story about the Phantom of Vallecitos. Meanwhile […]

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Desert Plants and Wildflowers: Survival of the Fittest

The wind-blown trunks and roots of the sagebrush are twisted and exposed. Branches and leaves are pale and lifeless. The fierce weather of early spring continues to blast through the desert landscape and yet, somehow, there is a spark of life. First a leaf sprouting from a dried twig, then a thin plant stalk that […]

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