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Campo The Forgotten Gunfight

As Tiburcio Vasquez uttered the word “Pronto” on that March day in 1875, the trap door swung open and the leader of one of the most notorious gangs of bandidos the state of California has ever seen dropped from the gallows. The rope snapped his neck, putting an end to the life of the convicted […]

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Unmasking the Real Zorro

Through the years there have been many people to have claimed the title ” Zorro “, meaning fox, but who was the real man? The first to hold the name Zorro ( but that is disputed ), was William Lamport ( 1611-1659 ) or Don Guillén de Lampart (or Lombardo) y Guzmán, who was an […]

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Dezert magazine Spring 2012

Dezert magazine Spring 2012 In this issue we explore the Goldfield Nevada Ghost town, learn about the Tiburcio Vasquez’s Great silver heist at Cerro Gordo and travel to the El Marmol Mexico in search of Black Onyx, but that is just the beginning… Ever wonder what it would be like to explore a desert gold […]

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