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Picacho, the Golden Road

Picacho Road was once the dusty path to gold riches for over 150 years. Today, it is the main entrance to the 6,769-acre Picacho State Recreation Area, and provides access to the Bureau of Land Management’s Picacho Peak and Little Picacho Wildernesses, the inactive Picacho gold mine, and the Imperial National Wildlife Refuge along the […]

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The Silver That Saved Nevada

                    If you had been in Nevada in 1900 you were probably there because your parents or grandparents came for the big mining rush to Virginia City some thirty years earlier. But in 1900 Nevada is not a land of excitement and far from a land […]

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Randsburg Ca., A Living Ghost Town

Randsburg or Rand Camp, is just about a mile off of Hwy 395, 17 miles south of Ridgecrest and north of Kramer Junction. The town began in April 1895 when three miners, F.M. Mooers, John Singleton and Charles Burcham, located gold on a yet unnamed mountain, and quietly staked their claim. But like most new […]

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