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Majorie Reed Desert Artist

Marjorie Reed is best known for her paintings of the stage stations and scenes along the Butterfield Overland Stage Route. Born in Springfield, Illinois in 1915, Reed’s family moved to southern California when she was twelve. Shortly afterward her father, Walter Reed, began working as a free lance graphic artist for Mission Engraving and Offset, […]

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Dezert magazine July 2011

Dezert magazine July 2011 The July issue of Dezert Magazine takes you to the beginning of a GREAT metropolis, Las Vegas. Discover how explorer John C. Fremont and a small ” meadow ” becomes the biggest neon city in the world. Stay in Nevada and learn about the rise and demise of the silver king […]

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Desert Plants and Wildflowers: Survival of the Fittest

The wind-blown trunks and roots of the sagebrush are twisted and exposed. Branches and leaves are pale and lifeless. The fierce weather of early spring continues to blast through the desert landscape and yet, somehow, there is a spark of life. First a leaf sprouting from a dried twig, then a thin plant stalk that […]

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