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Myth Hunters Lost Ship

Recently, I had the privilege to be part of the TV show Myth Hunters on the American Heroes Channel. The episode was about Charley Clusker and the lost ship of the desert. For those of you who missed the show, or did not get the channel, here is the You Tube video of the show. Would love to hear your comments!!! Thx!!!


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  1. Noli Cabantug says:

    The lost galleon, in other references was plying Manila-Acapulco and that’s the point of my interest. The tale also indicated it had loads of black pearl from the orient. If I would have to add another figment to the thread to the imagination, I’d say that the galleon traders accidentally spawned Tilapia fish which now abound in the salty waters of the Salton Sea. Tilapia is abundant in Laguna De Bay in the vicinity of Manila. The friars, Spanish conquestadores (who spent more than 400 years in the Magellan-discovered Philippines) and host of European merchants probably caught this fish with hopes that they can transplant it in Europe since it is a tasty fish as they found out the Filipino natives made the fish one of their main food sources almost equal in importance to Anchovies, Sardines and Mackerel. The fish was accidentally released in the waters of Salton Sea when the galleon tilted, I’d imagine. As you can see, there is an overgrowth of Tilapia in the salty sea, that at times, they routinely die off. I’m thirsty now, I’m just hallucinating.

  2. warren peterson says:

    Interesting movie, would you like to see satellite photos of the ship? Juan de Iturbe was the captain It is located close to Glamis.

  3. John Earl says:

    Of course we saw it. You’re a natural. I demand that the history channel give you your own show!

  4. LoreV says:

    It was a great story to come home to, after a long day in the desert seeing my own mirages. Great Job John.