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Lonesome, the Faithful Friend

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAAlong the Colorado River at a point called the Carrizo Boat-In Camp, lays a monument. The monument is it is an enigma, a large structure made of stones complete with flagpole and flag dedicated to a dog named Lonesome, one man’s best friend and desert companion. The hand carved epitaph reads:
Hellow, Lonesome and I ( Roy ) have been together will be 16 years this July 1983. We came to Picacho every winter since we been together.

Now Lonesome has past away and is buried here, a place we’ve been to many times.Born July 25th 1968. Died Sat may 14th 1983 11AM.

A man’s best friend. God rest his soul. If there is a Heaven for dogs, I’m sure Lonesome made it. I love him.Please do not destroy this grave add a rock or two if you want to.

Someday I hope I’ll have the money to buy a headstone. I’m 71years old and had a heart attack.Hope I can make it again this coming winter. Like to hear from you and how the grave is doing.


I always wondered was this was all about and here is what I found out.
KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERARoy is Roy Morgan who was most likely, the last old time Picacho prospector, and Lonesome was one of three abandoned puppies left in the desert to die. Roy had worked these hills for forty years, the last sixteen with his pal Lonesome. Lonesome was part English springer spaniel and became deeply devoted to Roy, Roy named him Lonesome because he always looked so sad. But known of this would be know if it wasn’t for a local guide named Smokey Knowlton. On Jan 2nd 1984 Smokey Knowlton came by and saw the grave and a note left by Roy for his four legged friend. But Smokey wondered if Roy was still around and tried to track him down, after a two year hunt Roy was found living in San Diego with his daughter.
Smokey was kind enough to bring Roy back to Lonesome’s grave to see what has happened, by this time the rock pile was over five feet high. Roy told Smokey how he knew that Lonesome was about to die, “ the last few hours I knew he was near to dying and he knew it too. A dog has a certain way of curling up when it’s about to die. His eyes got glassy and I lifted him up, gave him a big hug, and then he died.” It was Smokey who placed the concrete marker and carved in Roy’s words.
Roy Morgan passed away on April 14th 1991 and his ashes were scattered among the rocks at Lonesome’s grave, together forever..

This area has been renamed as Lonesome’s Knoll…