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Legend of Bourbon Springs

indexIn treasure hunting the key is always “first edition”, a treasure hunter can spend years in the wrong location, just because they did not locate the original story. So it is always important to check out where the story came from and in what year was it written.Such is the case in the Legend of Bourbon Springs…

According to the legend, in the late 1800s, a freighter was transporting a couple of wagons with of barrels of whiskey and ran into a bad sandstorm. He then stashes his wagon in a ravine and waits out the storm. In the morning, he finds the wagon completely covered by sand and thinking it’s safe, head for town. I have heard that the location of the lost whiskey was anywhere from Yuma to Death Valley and from Arizona to Utah; meaning it’s everywhere and yet nowhere. But if you look hard enough while doing your research, you might just happen to meet the right people, and then maybe Lady Luck will tap you on the the shoulder.I think Miss Luck tapped mine..

I have come across a letter written from Tom G Murray, author of Death Valley Scotty, about a meeting he had with the freighter himself. Tom Murray was one of those great old-time characters in the vain of Death Valley Scotty and I thought it would be a great to let you, the readers, see the unedited letter in Mr. Murray’s own words. By reading his personal letter you can get a taste of why treasure hunters spend a lifetime looking for riches. If the barrels were found today it would be likely all the whiskey would be gone, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to say that you were the one who found it and ended this particular yarn.