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Elmer’s Bottle Ranch California

banner2This¬† two acre lot located in Helendale California just east of Victorville, is completely saturated with ” bottle trees “, and it all started back in 1952 when six year old Elmer and his Dad went camping.

But while out on one of their early excursions, they came across a old dump full of relics from the 1800’s, and that’s when Elmer’s father took a special liking to shiny glistening bottles, and decided to take a couple home. Decades later, Elmer started his ranch in 2000, as a way to display what he and his father found while out on the desert. After ” planting ” over 400 trees and a sharing a lifetime full of memories and relics, Elmer now takes it easy and relaxes at his ranch… This is a GREAT place to enjoy the uniqueness of one man’s desert art. Each tree has a story, and nearly every bottle holds a memory for Elmer and I am sure after only one visit, you will never quite forget Elmer’s Bottle Ranch…



Elmer’s Bottle Ranch is located at 24266 National Trails Hwy, Helendale, CA.