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Best and Worst at Soda Mts.

America’s Best Idea and America’s Worst Idea Collide at the Soda Mountains! Act Now: Protect the Soda Mountains for Future Generations! Support the designation of a Soda Mountains Area of Critical Environmental Concern! The Soda Mountain Solar project deserves the nickname, “The worst of the worst” renewable energy projects proposed in the California desert because […]

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When Lines Were Crossed

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  This story originally appeared in a past issue of Dezert magazine It was in January of 2013 that Joshua Tree resident Tom O’Key discovered a baited and set bobcat trap as it sat camouflaged beneath a jojoba shrub on his private property. Within 24 hours the wheels were set in motion and a sleeping […]

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Ragsdale Cabin, Santa Rosa Mt. Ca.

Desert Steve Ragsdale, the founder of Desert Center, decided that he needed a cooler place to be, in order to beat the scorching summer heat of the California desert. So in 1938, Steve along with his wife Lydia, purchased 280 acres atop the Santa Rosa mountain from local pioneer, Arthur Nightingale. First thing Steve did […]

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California Poppies!!

The California Poppy or eschscholzia californica is a native wildflower and became the official state flower of California in 1903. When this magnificent flower is in bloom, it can easily blanket a hillside for hundreds, if not thousands of acres. They are a perennial and can grow from western Oregon all the way down to […]

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