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Elmer’s Bottle Ranch California

This  two acre lot located in Helendale California just east of Victorville, is completely saturated with ” bottle trees “, and it all started back in 1952 when six year old Elmer and his Dad went camping.

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Stage Ride Through Agua Dulce

Agua Dulce By Mary Hunter Austin (as Mary Austin) Harper’s Weekly | August 28, 1909, pp. 22-23. The Los Angeles Special got in so late that day that if the driver of the Mojave stage had not, from having once gone to school to me, acquired the habit of minding what I said, I should […]

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Plains Cactus

Plains Cactus ( Pediocactus simpsonii ) By George Olin This spiny little plant is a maverick among cacti—it ranges far out of the desert and it varies so greatly in appearance that specimens might often be mistaken for different species. It not only thrives where rainfall is plentiful but seems to prefer a cold winter […]

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