Monthly Archives: March 2014

Salton Sea Salt Works

 Indian legends persisted of a lake forming every 50 to 100 years in the bottom of the Salton Sink. The source was a fickle river that in other floods flowed into the Gulf of California. The Indians knew about, and used the salt deposits, too. A pre-Columbian trail, used by Indians making the trek for […]

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Cross Hill and the Mystery Cat

So I headed out today to try and find the abandoned quarry at Cross Hill, in the Nuevo ( pronounced NEW-WAY-VOO ) area of Southern California. According to what I have read, the quarry should have feldspar, quartz, schorl tourmaline, aquamarine, monazite, thorianite and possibly garnet. So to a new emerging rockhound, this was exciting!! […]

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Alllll Aboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALLLL ABOARD!!!! By John Grasson The Orange Empire Railway Museum, located in Perris Ca. is a fantastic place to spend the afternoon. They are located on a 90 acre site and host a collection of trains and locomotives from Los Angeles and the West.  With Yellow Cars from the L.A. Railway, Red Cars from Pacific […]

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